Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Channeling Chanel | V7975

Chanel v2.0 FABulous boucle!

This time last year, the Chanel jacket v1.0 broke my heart. For the month of March 2011, I vowed to circle back, give it another try and get 'er done. I've had this fabric in my stash since March 2010. I bought it for a screamin' deal at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA. I bought eleventy-hundred yards of it, tho, so there will probably be a lined dress and possibly even a skirt made out of this in the future. Chanel herself paired these sorts of matchy-matchy outfits, which looks elegant and timeless. These are pieces that will be in my "forever wardrobe".

Many folks on have reviewed this jacket, so I'll keep my notes brief. On my visit to Las Vegas, NV in October 2009, I spent two hours in the Chanel store, picking the brain of an incredibly helpful sales gal. After leaving, I got out the sketchpad and made tons of notes on the details that I'd seen. Before embarking on the actual sewing, I also did a boatload of research in both coutoure and semi-coutoure jacket construction. I consulted Go Chanel or Go Home to see what others were doing, too. Ultimately, my construction methods were guided by two articles from Threads magazine: Threads #128: "Shortcuts to a Designer Jacket" by Cheri Dowd and Threads #121 "Inside a Designer Jacket" by Susan Khalje. I HIGHLY recommend both of these articles as they were incredibly informative and literally "held my hand" through the whole process. I made the fantastically scruffy trim using this tutorial. I also added the chain at the hem (SO important!) and two jacket hooks and eyes for closures (hidden by the trim).

Playing in my closet, I realized that this little jacket is incredibly versatile than I'd even known before I started making it. The boucle has at least 8 different colours to pair up with! Andy Paige from the TV show "Starting Over" and Style on a Shoestring always says that when you include a new piece in your wardrobe, it should be able to be paired with at least three things you already own. I really like this idea and will be making garments based on this philosophy in the future. Here's how I plan to mix up this jacket:

Polished with a skirt, heels and pearls.
Classy with a cool weather dress and boots.
Casual with jeans

Coco Chanel said that "Luxury must remain almost invisible but it must be felt." It's difficult to describe, but this jacket feels amazing to wear. I'm so hooked that I'm planning on making the next one from orange Linton tweed. (Karin! I think this might be your fabric, too!)


  1. Why yes, that is the same fabric! What good taste you have Darci! :-)

    Your jacket looks fantastic. The cut, the fabric, the trim, the styling and the fit are all spot on. The colour of the fabric really works with your skin tone too. I like it with everything, but I especially like it with jeans.

    Now I feel a little humbled, you've set the bar very high! I'll probably be a little behind in the RTW sew a long because of the Easter break, but if I end up with something half as good I'll be very pleased.

  2. This is really gorgeous, Darci! The workmanship is superb ... and amazingly good fortune to get the help of a Chanel assistant! I think you will get a lifetime of wear out of this beautiful garment

  3. This is a truly amazing piece. Congratulations on a project very well done. I adore the detailing. I hope to make a Chanel-style jacket tis fall, and I'd love to do fringe as you've done here.

    You look so great in this, you should be so proud!