Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 2 | MMMar'11

Woo hoo for week 2!

Monday, March 7 : Here, Kitty, Kitty!
This leopard skirt was the first pencil skirt I made! This version is unlined and I wear it with EVERYTHING. It felt like a "red day", so I wore it with my favourite cardi. After shooting this pic, I put on different shoes. My Danskos look a little heavy with this skirt.
  • Pencil skirt: M6038
  • Necklace: Made by me
  • Cardi + Tank: NY&Co.
 Tuesday, March 8: Gold Digger Top
This tank was inspired by one I saw in Oprah's magazine a few years ago. After the tank is constructed, bias strips are attached in a swirly, haphazard pattern. Funnily enough, when I went to create this top, I found some gold sheer curtains in my stash and thought they'd be fun to use. After all, as we learned from Maria Von Trapp (and Carol Burnett), curtains are just fabric waiting to be clothes!

  • Square Neck Tank: NL6356
  • Chanel Jacket + Pants: CAbi
  • Necklace: Gift from my BFF
Wednesday, March 9: Red Red Wine (Camouflage)
Do you know Marcy Tilton? She designs some really fun clothes for Vogue. This is one of her fun long-sleeved tee shirts, to which I added about 6 extra inches in length and included rusching to camouflage my bit of a tummy. The fabric I used is a stretch mesh that I picked up at JoAnn's for about $2/yd. Can't beat the price on this stylish top!
  • Long sleeved tee: V8636
  • Necklace: NY&Co.
  • CAbi grey knit trousers
Thursday, March 10: A Dress for Any Event

This was my favourite dress I made all season. It's reversible and pairs so nicely with my black AND brown boots. It's been to a wedding, a funeral, a cocktail party, a holiday party and a house party. If this dress could talk, she'd have some AMAZING stories to share. I also made matching "fun"-dies, but I'm not showing them to you. :)

  • Reversible dress: M6069
  • Necklace + Belt: Purchased on my last trip to Italy

Friday, March 11: My Favourite Sweater Refashion
This fun tunic sweater is reversible, too! It's also made from two well-loved Target sweaters, the final scraps leftover from the alpaca I brought back from Italy, and a merino wool sweater I found for $2 at Goodwill (a charity shop I frequent). From the tunic length to the utter SOFTNESS of the fabrics, there's just so much to love about this sweater.
  • Sweater: Made by me without a pattern
  • Jeans: Gap
And in sewing news, I'm still working on my Jalie pants! Getting my tushie to look great seams to be the hang-up right now, but I'll make it work!


  1. I am so impressed that you have sewn so many clothes! I could never do me-made because I never have enough self-made clothes! I especially like your Marci Tilton Tshirt. The fit is great and the colour really suits you.

  2. A very successful week of me-made clothes! You look fabulous! I totally adore that gold-digger top, and btw, has anyone ever told you think of the fun-nest names ever? The red red wine (camouflage), LOL!