Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 1 | MMMar'11

Let's do this thing!

 Tuesday, March 1 : Dressed to Thrill
This was the dress I wore to the opera in Rome this fall. Made of 100% polyester, you can wad it up in a corner of your suitcase and it shakes out to wear beautifully. It's also reversible with both a square and draped cowl neck options. I love this dress and plan to wear it more often when the weather gets warmer. It's sleeveless and needed a jacket, so what better than to add some Mrrrrow to the mix?
  • LBD travel dress (made for Italy trip, Sept. '10). M6069
  • Necklace: NY&Co, altered to fit my preferred neckline
  • Mrrrrrrow Jacket. S2858
 Wednesday, March 2: Mad for Plaid
I'm blessed to live down the street from the Pendleton Woolen Mill outlet and was minding my own beeswax in that store when this fabric reached out from the table, grabbed me by the hand and whispered, "You must take me home". Who was I to resist?

  • A-Line skirt: Self-drafted, based on a skirt I fell in love with from Nordstrom Rack
  • Necklace: Made by me, based on this one from Sundance
  • Cardi: Purchased on a trip to Spain
  • Tank: NY&Co.
 Thursday, March 3: Casual Comfort 
My friend Susan wore a similar top on our trip to Italy. Peacock is a universally flattering colour. Of course, I needed one, too!
  • Long sleeved cowl tee. V8634
  • Necklace: Made by me (The lime green pendant is double-sided, lending more versatility.)
  • CAbi grey knit trousers
 Friday, March 4: Mom's Favourite Sweater Surgery Project
Today is a very special day! It's "Sewing Expo" time in Puyallup! It'll be a whole day of inspirational and educational seminars from industry leaders like Sandra Betzina and Marcy Tilton. I'll also be attending fashion shows from McButtVogue and Simplicity. I may even get to meet this guy! I look forward to this event every year! The shopportunities ALONE make me a little giddy.

Last year, I was envious of the sewists who got to raise their hands when asked in seminars, "Who's wearing something they made?" This year, after much deliberation, I'm proudly wearing the sweater I finished recently. It's also my mom's favourite of the three I produced this season. :)
  • Sweater: Made by me without a pattern
  • Jeans + Turtleneck: Land's End 
In putting together clothing options for MMMar'11, I've realized that I've got a GAPING trouser-shaped hole in my wardrobe. I've attempted...and wadded three pair of trousers in the last two years. Currently, I'm on attempt #4 with the Jalie 2909 pattern, which has gotten great reviews on Wish me luck!


  1. I'm so impressed with all of you who have enough self-made clothes to do Me Made March. I love to see what you are wearing. Good luck with the trousers. I find making trousers difficult, but on the other hand, they are what I wear the most!

  2. That's my favourite of your three jumpers too!!
    You've had a very successful first week... and oh my gosh I'm so jealous of the sewing expo. I'll bet it was fantastic!

  3. That skirt is Absolutely spectacular. Fabulous shape and great plaid! Inspiring for sure :)