Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Michele's Wedding Hat

In which I become a Mad Hatter

My cousin, Michele, is getting married in a few months. Since I'm the "crafty cousin", she asked me to make her wedding hat. I took on the challenge! After months of research and chatting with Lori, a very helpful local hatter, I purchased some buckram, stretch velvet and trim from the fantastic and amazing FabDepot and got to work! I really like the results, and more importantly, so does Michele!

 The wedding hat was copied from this hat. It's a vintage piece that was created some time in the 1940s or early 1950s. The trim is hand-beaded.

Original hat: back
Original hat: right
Original hat: left
The new hat was created from a single layer of buckram that was cut to size and molded onto a styrofoam head with steam from my sputtery iron. It was dry and shaped in less than 20 minutes. I followed John Koch's instructions from "Threads" magazine (it was the January 2011 issue, I think). Altogether, this was about 60 hours of work, all hand-sewn with a tiny needle and silk thread. 

New hat: left
New hat: right
New hat: back. She'll tuck her veil under the ornamental circles.
A sweet surprise inside: Michele's "something blue".


  1. Now you are a milliner! Great hat!

  2. Very nice work Darci. You have quite the talent.

  3. I want a hat! (If I ever get married again, I'm coming to you.) It is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Oh, Darci, such a work of art... She will be absolutely thrilled to wear this beautiful hat, made with love, and stunning as well!
    The little blue heart, sheer genius.
    This is absolutely wonderful.