Friday, June 17, 2011

Week 3 || Me-Made June 2011

In the Swing Now!

Monday, June 13: The Clean Getaway (har!)

Still totally digging on this dress! It's comfortable, gives me shape, and is a classic piece I'll wear for years. I begrudgingly dug out the black boots because it rained allllll day. June is the new September, apparently. Oy vey. :( The cute bench I'm sitting on was my piano bench growing up.
  • Wrap Dress: KS3408
  • Necklace: Made by me

Tuesday, June 14: Colourblocked in Black and Grey

This isn't the most inspired outfit, but it was another rainy day, and I was grumpy about it. For colour, I popped on the big 'ol millefiori ring I picked up in Venice. I bought it when my fingers were all puffy from the flight over, so it only fits on my pointer finger now. It's a knucklebuster, but it makes me smile. The boatneck is made from wicking fabric, so it's nice and breathable -- perfect for (future) travel!
  • Boatneck top: V1049 
  • Crops: Old Navy
  • Ring: From trip to Italy, Fall 2010
  • Belt: Thrifted

Wednesday, June 15: In the Jungle...

This sweet little top was originally the skirt of a maxi dress I made a few years ago. I'm digging the peplum effect to hide my hips! I had to pair it with a cardi, as (sigh) it's still cold here.
  • Top: S2599
  • Skirt: NY&Co.
  • Cardi: Refashion from charity shop
  • Necklace: From Italy trip, Fall 2010

Thursday, June 16: Casual Comfort

It was warmer today, but my office is freezing, so thought this sweater would be cute and comfy. Turns out, I was right! The crops are my travel cargos with both outer cargo pockets and inner hidden pockets (take THAT pickpockets!) They've got a toggle waist (for when you eat tooo much!) and are made from a dri-fit fabric that dries in less than 3 hours. They're totally indestructible. Love that!

Friday, June 17: I'm a Superhero!

Or at least I'm wearing superhero colours! The knot top is made from the skirt of a dress I wadded last fall (yay for a refashion!) I'm not used to wearing such close-fitting tops, but my bff assures me that it looks good, so I'm going to choose to believe her. At least with the Ssssssnake top, I had some camouflage! LOL
  • Knot top: S4076
  • Crops: Old Navy
  • Cardi: M6084
  • Necklace: From Spain trip, Fall 2009
  • Shoes: Thrifted
I'm currently knitting a cute little summer sweater, and am hoping to complete it by the end of the month! You can find the pattern here if you'd like to knit one, too! I've never knit a top-down sweater before, but it's coming together really fast! I'm making it from this yarn, in a lovely persimmon! I think I might have to make some white crops to go with it (in July when my self-imposed fabric fast has concluded). See ya next week!


    1. dang, darci!
      where do you get all the extra time to make these beautious pieces? good on you! you look amazing and well put together (as always!)

    2. You look lovely in all of these photos! You have some gorgeous pieces, that are mix and matching up beautifully!
      I sure hope it summers up over there soon... looks like your weather is like ours should be!

    3. Thanks Darci for the comment on my dad's shirt! There are so many nice pieces in your MMJ pictures. I especially like the black boatneck top. It is so simple, but elegant.