Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 5 || Me-Made June 2011

Last Week! 
Monday, June 27: Poised and Polished

I made this sweet little top over the weekend out of the remnants of another project. I'm IN LOVE with this fabric! It drapes well, breathes well, and the pattern will be great camouflage if I spill anything on myself (which happens more often than I'd like to admit.) I picked up the topper at a CAbi show this weekend, and I think I'm going to wear it with practically everything in my closet!
  • Top: S4076
  • Necklace: Me-made
  • Topper: CAbi
  • Cuff and Trousers: NY&Co.
Tuesday, June 28: Ruffle Up, Buttercup!

This frilly little tank is just fun to wear! It's got some troubling construction problems and ravels like mad at the seams (which I have to fix every time I wear it), but I was a newer sewer when I made it, and I've learned my lesson about the importance of proper seam finishes. Had to add a cardi because it's raining and muggy today.

  • Tuxedo Tank: NL6356
  • Trousers, Cuff, Necklace and Sweater: NY&Co.
Wednesday, June 29: Cropped Down

Not sure that this was my BEST choice this week...I look a little blockish and I blame the crops. I'm digging this dress-cut-down-to-tunic top, tho, and am pleased with how versatile it is in my wardrobe. I've worn it twice this month! 

Thursday, June 30: Bright Spot

This is probably my favourite outfit choice for the entire month of June. I was hoping for better weather, but decided not to let that stop me from wearing it today. Truth be told, this outfit is pretty similar to what I wear all summer long when the weather gets hot. I really enjoy how an A-line skirt makes my waist look smaller!
  • Red Knot Top: S4076
  • Skirt: Self-drafted
  • Jacket: Thrifted
It's been a fun, but trying month for Me-Made-June. Since the weather hasn't been nice enough, I've missed showing you a few fun dresses and some sassy skirts. I've heard that, as of tomorrow, the weather will be turning warmer, and I couldn't be more pleased. I'll be able to show you my 5 NEW Dresses! I'm pleased with how much sewing I accomplished in June!

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    1. Well, I was going to comment on how much I like one of your outfits, when I read you didn't like it. I thought at first the cropped pants were/was? a long skirt, and thought you were rocking that look. Maybe a skirt in this length would be a good addition to the wardrobe?
      Well done on a very stylish and gorgeous month of outfits, and I'm looking forward to seeing your 5 new dresses. Wow, soo productive!