Monday, December 12, 2011

New Couch Pillows for That Guy I Like

Interior dec sewing ain't so bad!
It's not at all like me to sew for others as I tend to channel this gal most of the time. But my fella? He's TOTALLY worth it. Before me, he had two sad couch pillows that had seen better days that resided on a sectional the size of Manhattan. After I mentioned that he might want to, er, upgrade, he accompanied me to the fabric store without complaint (the gargantuan and potentially overwhelming Fabric Depot), picked out the different home dec fabrics with me, and said he'd even go back to the fabric store again if I ever wanted to. What a guy!

I've never made pillows before, but I decided that it couldn't be too hard. After seeing how expensive pillow forms can be ($20 apiece. Are you KIDDING me?), I made my own! I used hand-me-down tablecloths for the outer shell, and stuffed each of the pillows with a combination of pieces of a lofty, overly-warm comforter that I'd been considering donating to Goodwill and a big 'ol bag of batting from JoAnn's. 

For the fashion fabric outsides, I combined fabrics in a patchwork sort of way for the pillow fronts (no planning on my part, just playing) and used solid fashion fabric for the backs. I also included invisible zippers for closures so that when they get dirty, they can be cleaned easily. Here are the results!

Playing with fabrics is fun!

Helllllo, giant couch! Great for relaxing and watching movies with That Guy I Like.
My fella really likes the new couch pillows, and his sweet daughter, E, said that "They make the couch 100% more comfortable." With rave reviews like that, I may sew for others more often...

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  1. Gorgeous Pillows!
    what a good idea - using an old comforter for stuffing...