Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another CAbi-Inspired Garment: The Paley Vest

CAbi FW 2010 Paley Vest
How cute is that little vest!? I just fell in love with its' graphic nature and the exposed zipper...it's a fun piece to add some spark to the wardrobe. Since it's still fairly cold here in the Pacific Northwest, I'll still be able to get some wear out of it before Spring FINALLY shows up and stays for awhile. We've been getting periodic sunshiny days, but most are still cold! Like 40s to mid 50s. Brrr!

Anywho... on to the vest! I got a screamin' deal on the fabric at Fabric Depot's Outdoor Sale two years ago. I think this wool/poly blend was something like $5 a yard. I made a winter coat out of it, too, and had about 2 yards left to play with. I made my own pattern, based on my Chanel jacket, which had princess seams. Not wanting to match up the houndstooth on princess seams because it's impossible, I joined the front and side front pieces at the seam allowance with pins and traced the joined pieces. I did the same thing for the back piece. When trying this on Betty (my dressform), I realized that I needed .5" bust darts added to the front. They're barely noticeable and make the front hang so much better. I also drafted the front and neck facings based on the pattern I created. I'm pretty pleased with the results. The fringe was fun and MUCH faster to make than on the Chanel jacket.

In the spirit of what I learned from MeMadeMarch '11, most garments I create from now on will go with at least three things I already own. So here goes! I skipped my favourite black pencil skirt/boot combination, because, well... it's boring. Also, it's supposed to be SPRING! Boots are for WINTER. Hear that Spring? I'm calling you OUT.

Houndstooth and pink paisley were made for each other, don'tcha think?
The back looks like I need a swayback adjustment, but IRL, it hangs fine. I must have been standing funny. In related news, after taking this pic, I realized that I have a flat butt. Must learn how to make flat butt adjustments for future trousers. These ones are doing my pert, cute butt NO favours. There may be colourful pants in my future. Wouldn't this look fantastic with RED pants?

I just love black and white houndstooth. I'm now the proud owner of black and white houndstooth Wellies, a purse, a skirt and now a vest. I'm flirting with the idea of wearing the larger format vest with the smaller format skirt. Is that too much? :)

With my red tunic top. Cute!

The long-sleeved white shirt I've been told is a wardrobe essential, but I have never worn. It looks good here!
With a dark denim shirt and jaunty scarf.

Casual with jeans and my pink swirl top. 


  1. You are mixing it up great there! I love the graphic black and white houdstooth print too... I think my favourite look is with the little worn white shirt, but I would like to see it with some skirts too.
    A nice and cute little wardrobe builder!

  2. Thank for your comment! Yes, I do love ribstop cotton too, and ya know what? I have made a parka from it too! Just not shown it yet on the ol' blog...