Monday, January 31, 2011

Performing a Little Sweater Surgery

January has been all about sewing creations of a different kind.

I'd seen a lot of sweater surgeries gone awry on, and I knew that I wanted a more streamlined, modern look vs. hippy/fairy queen/happy hands at home that seems to be prevalent in the refashioning sweater genre. After a year of trawling through the racks of "dead"/moth eaten/pitstained/"in need of a good shave" sweaters at Goodwill, I finally had enough cashmere and wool to make NEW sweaters. This was my first foray into sewing without a pattern. It's been fun to drape and fit and cut and stand back and see if the result is what I wanted.

Each sweater took one to two weeks to create and were constructed almost entirely with my serger. I'm very proud of how they all turned out. I think Betty wears them well!

The 1960s Cropped Sweater
Colourblocked Tunic – it's reversible!
Architectural Sweater Coat (swote!)
If you're thinking of refashioning your own sweater stash, this book was a great source of information and inspiration.

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  1. These are beautiful! So clever... I really love the first one!